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From saving lives to therapy and games, dogs have a magical way of transforming our lives. We spend a lifetime with them and yet learn so little about them. This can be difficult sometimes for most people. That’s why we are here, to help you through the journey of becoming a happy dog parent.



Rescued & Rehabilitated: Boxer, the Doberman

Two days before Tamil New Year, a friend called us about a 3 year old male Doberman that had been tied up in a vacant house and needed attention. We were hesitant at first because rescue cases need a lot of commitment and effort that a working couple couldn’t handle. But we decided to have a look anyway.

Socialization: Kick-off

An important aspect of raising a confident family dog is socialization. The term socialization has many connotations, that we will eventually delve into over several posts, but at the moment, we are concerned about the dog’s acceptability to a sudden change in environment. Simplest of all examples, is taking your dog to a new place. Like …

About Us

Sharmila Jayaram

Sharmila Jayaram is a Certified Dog Trainer @ Woodstock Dog Training School, Chennai and is also one among two Indians to have become a member of the prestigious International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). She has an MBA and a B.Tech Biotech degree under her belt, and quit her IT career to pursue her passion for dogs. She has worked with Retrievers, Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Great Danes, Beagles as well as Kombai, Schnauzer, Labradoodle, Boxer, Pitbull, Chippiparai, Pekingese, Pug, Bull Mastiff and Indian breed.


Sandeep Mishra

Sandeep Mishra is passionate about dogs and has worked with them for over two years. He currently works as a consultant at a regular IT firm and spends most of his non-working hours caring for his two dogs and learning obedience training. He is deeply motivated to bring the best methods of canine care and training to Indian dog owners and hopes to someday establish a world class Integrated Pet Facility in Chennai. He also has a secret crush on Border Collies and Dalmatians.

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